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 Summon Hecatoncheir

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PostSubject: Summon Hecatoncheir   Summon Hecatoncheir EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 10:53 pm

Rank: C-rank

Hecatoncheir is the wyrm robotic-like beast with about thirty arms.
He appeard when Vanille found out that it was Fang that
scarred Cocoon.

You Unlock new abilities for Hecatoncheir after your rank.

C-rank - Quake

B-rank - Pummel
Hecatoncheir jumps infront of the target
hitting it with his fists several times.

A-rank - Suplex
When the target is off-guard, Hecatoncheir grabs
the target up. Then he jumps up in the air
and throws the target down to the ground in a blast.

S-rank - Gaian Salvo
This is Hecatoncheirs Final attack. All of his
gathers and creates two big war machine guns.
Then Vanille jumps on him to protect herself
and Hecatoncheir puts his machine guns
down to the ground which creates
a big magical explosion.

Summon Hecatoncheir 2namzjc
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Summon Hecatoncheir
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