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 Summon Stirria and Nix

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PostSubject: Summon Stirria and Nix   Summon Stirria and Nix EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 4:30 pm

Summon Stirria and Nix
Rank: C-rank

Stirria and Nix have the exact same abilities and magics as Shiva.
Infact Stirria and Nix IS Shiva, just split up in two.
They come from Serah's tear - The blue crystal Snow holds on to.

You unlock new abilities for Stirria and Nix after your Rank.

C-rank - Blizzara

B-rank - Blizzaga

A-rank Heavenly Strike
With Snow's help Strirra and Nix forms a
large sharp ice crystal above the selected area.
Then when the ice crystal is done Stirria and Nix
smashes it down to the ground-

S-rank Diamond Dust
This one is a classic. Snow, Stirria and Nix shoots
away many Blizzard and Blizzara ruins to the selected area,
Freezing the target to the ground. Then when a nice
glacier of ice paralyzing the target Stirria and Nix
snaps their fingers and the ice glacier smashes
in to millions of pieces.

User: Snow Villiers
Summon Stirria and Nix Re-ffxiii-shiva-twins
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Summon Stirria and Nix
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