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 Summon Odin

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PostSubject: Summon Odin   Summon Odin EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 3:56 pm

Summon Odin
Rank: C-rank

Odin is the demonic looking death knight taken from the Norse mythology.
He has some kind of horns and weilds a big blade called Storm Edge.
Usually he rides on the horse Sleipnir but jumpes of it to help Lightning in battle.

You unlock new abilities for Odin after your Rank

C-rank - Thundara

B-rank - Thundaga

A-rank - Gungnir
Odin gives Lightning a large Spear called Gungnir.
Then Lightning jumps up in the air and throws the
spear down on the opponent, making the ground to burst
which creates a small earthquake.

S-rank Zanzetsuken
This is Odins Final attack. Lightning gains two
Strom Edges and Odin disappears. pure lightning
embraces the swords and Lightning jumps up in the air and
swings the around in a large circle which creates a violet light.
From the Violet light dozens of thunder rays strikes down
on the selected area.

User: Lightning Farron

Summon Odin Lightning_odin
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Summon Odin
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