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 Summon Alexander

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Judgement Fal'cie
Judgement Fal'cie

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PostSubject: Summon Alexander   Summon Alexander EmptyTue Apr 06, 2010 12:28 am

Rank: C-rank

Alexander is the Holy judgemental Stone God.
He inflicts all targets with Holy damage and is
Hope's Eidolon. He appeared when Hope told the others
to leave him Behind.

You Unlock new abilities for Alexander after your Rank.

C-rank - Reflect

B-rank -Justice Light
It's a Holy attack that Alexander uses with Hope's help.
Hope uses Libra on the targets and Alexander
shoots a Holy elemental ray that soars through
the target(s)

A-rank - Explosive Fists
Alexander rasies one of his stone fists
and it flies towards the target and explodes

S-rank - Judgement
Judgement is Alexanders Final attack.
Hope jumps on Alexanders shoulder where he sits
safe while lending some energy to Alexander.
Then Alexander shoots multiplies of Holy rays
that soars right through the targets.

User: Hope Estheim

Summon Alexander FF13Alexander
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Summon Alexander
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