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Judgement Fal'cie
Judgement Fal'cie

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Over 1,300 years ago some Fal'cie created a paradise for the human race.
The city Coocon, that floats above the surface of Pulse under control by the Fal'cie Orphan. Then some Cocoon Fal'cies created life and machines for the humanity on Cocoon to use.

A war Broke up between the Pulse Fal'cie and the Cocoon Fal'cie. The Cocoon Fal'cie prevalied which was the start of the War of Transgressions. But the people of Cocoon still lives in Fear. Will there be more attacks from Gran Pulse?

However, most of the people on Coocon have never seen Pulse with their own eyes. They have been told by the The Sanctum that Pulse or The World Beneath, as they call it is a dangerous place full with bloodthirsty wildlife and strange effects. Anyone who has discovered to have been in contact with anything or anyone from Pulse has been sent to quarantine or exile decided by The Sanctum aswell and with the military force, PSICOMs help everybody in Coocon lives in fear of Pulse.
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