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 Crystarium Crystalis System

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Judgement Fal'cie
Judgement Fal'cie

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Crystarium Crystalis System Empty
PostSubject: Crystarium Crystalis System   Crystarium Crystalis System EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 5:59 pm

Crystarium Crystalis System

The Crystarium Crystalis System is the
system that works as a currency to aquire
Magical items like spells, abilities and Weapons.

But don't get it wrong. You can't like run to a
food store and buy a pizza with Crystarium Crystalis.

You use the Crystarium Crystalis only to learn
new magics and abilities or to gain new weapons.

How do you get Crystarium Crystalis? You may ask yourself.
Well, you can gain them in many different ways.
You can aquire them from Tournaments or out in the wilds.
But you can't like type in like:

-Walks in Bodhum and finds a Crystalis - OH SHOT!
The Judgement Fal'cie will declear if there is any
Crystarium Crystalis in the wilds and that happens randomly.

That is pretty much it.
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Crystarium Crystalis System
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