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 Urabo's Bio

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Urabo's Bio Felciechar

Name: Urabo

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Desired Rank: F

Weapon Specilazation: Staffs

Desired Weapon: Uroborus Memoria

Magics And Abillities: Thunder

Hometown: Unknown

Backround: A weak Fal'cie native to Cocoon. He is far more independant then most of his species, and likewise quite a bit more talkative. Though while he's not above talking to humans, he still is quite arrogent around them, and sees them as tools in general. His brand is an spiked circle, with two crossing arrows slashing across it from the upper left and right. However he has no known L'cie, and generally prefers to handle things personally, not considering humans reliable enough to depend on. There are also rumors that he simply does not have enough crystal power to maintain a brand, but he denies this vehemently. He has no interest in the goals of the other Fal'cie, and is generally kept in the dark about their plans. His official job is running diagnostics on Manadrives, hence his magelike shell, but he's been missing from duty for quite a few years.

While rogue Fal'cie are not entirely unheard of, the level of deviation in Urabo still seems unusual. It's somewhat more justified when one has seen his complete data file. That available in most logs is missing key details. Specifically, the fact that Urabos' function is unknown. His analytical ability is very good, hence his placement in the Manadrive field, but this is not his true purpose. He suffers fragmentation, and is unaware of what his actual function is, but is compulsively drawn to analyze interesting things, particularly machines. In truth, his purpose is to diagnose and catalogue all technology and important data on Cocoon. His wandering fortunately falls perfectly in line with his true purpose, and so at heart he is not really a rogue, though he claims to be.

Personality: Urabo is extremely confident in his own abilities, and tends to look down on others, especially humans. This can rather get him in trouble at times, as while he is no slouch as a mage, he's far weaker then he believes. He also is not very good with criticism in general, but especially in regard to his magic. He truly seems to be incapable of branding, and is deeply embaressed by this fact. He is very curious by nature, and loves to see new and interesting things. Some of this comes from his function, and he is compulsively drawn to analyze and document things, but even beyond this his curiosity is immense. Due to believing himself a rogue, he dislikes Sanctum, and is considered to be dangerous by them, though there is currently no plans to capture him, due to lacking any genuine threat. While he enjoys showing his magic, Urabo avoids fighting whenever possible. He will not attack anything that is not a threat to him, unless they've particularly offended him. This can be an issue when fighting in a team, as he does not seem to have total control over it. For example, if an opponent states, firmly, that they will not harm him, and only his allies, Urabo cannot attack them unless he can prove this statement a lie. This is likely a result of his fragmented memory. He keeps this weakness a closely guarded secret.
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Urabo's Bio
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