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 Hope Estheim

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Hope Estheim

Hope Estheim

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PostSubject: Hope Estheim   Hope Estheim EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 9:44 pm

Hope Estheim

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Desired Rank: C-rank

Weapon Specilazation: Boomerangs

Desired Weapon: Hawkeye

Magics: Fire, Fira, Cure, Shell, Protect, Greased Lightning, Summon Alexander,

Abilities: Attack, Focus, Libra

Hometown: Palumpolum

Backround: Hope was born in Palumpolum. He lived with his mom and dad and they were a happy family. But something went wrong and his parents divorced. His dad is still living in Palumpolum while Hope and his Mom, Nora moved to Bodhum. By the looks of it Nora had some idea to meet with Hope's dad again. But Hope was totally against it. Hope never really had any father figure because of the divorce. Now he and his mother had to jump on the purge train to escape death.

Personality: Hope is a cheerful posetive guy in general. But though his strong heart he is quite weak and scared of Fighting. In team he can be slowing people down and the last thing that Hope wants is to be a burden to his friends. Hope finds it hard to confront people face to face. He rather likes to stick his head in the sand and face it later. But If he feels that it's an emergency he'll speak his mind.
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Hope Estheim
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