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 Snow Villiers

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Snow Villiers

Snow Villiers

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Snow Villiers

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Desired Rank: A

Weapon Specilazation: Gloves

Desired Weapon: Power Circle

Magics: Blizzard, Blizzara, Froststrike, Medicguard, Guard, Beat Rush, Somersalut, Water kick.

Abilities: Attack, Ruin, Provoke, Deathblow, Vendetta, Bravery.

Hometown: Bodhum

Backround: Snow has been homeless his entire life. Now he is the leader of
Organization NORA. Basicly a bunch of kids who fights PSICOM And the Sanctum. His big love is Serah Farron, Lightnings younger sister.
Even after seeing Serah's l'cie brand, he didn't leave her side.
Snow lives in the town of Bodhum alone. He wanders the street
because he's an orphan his entire life. After the Pulse Fal'cie
swallowed Serah he now travels the world looking for her.

Personality: Snow is very kind-hearted and really just helps people even without a reason. Because he never really had a family his biggest dream is to have a big family with his love Serah. He calls himself his own '' Hero '' and always struggles to be a hero figure. Sometimes Snow can be very ignorant and cocky but he has a strong heart and he never gives up.
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Snow Villiers
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