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 Character Registration Template

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Character Registration Template Empty
PostSubject: Character Registration Template   Character Registration Template EmptyMon Mar 22, 2010 10:34 pm

This is the Character Registration Templete, please read this first before starting.

Name: The Name you want to name your character. REMINDER. The name must be the exact of your Username.

Age: The age of your character, plain.

Gender - Male, Female.. or Shemale?

Desired Rank: F,E,D,C,B,A,S? Start of as F-rank

Weapon Specilazation: Swords, Staffs, Axes, Rods? Choose only one.

Desired Weapon: Choose from Weapon list or Create own in Weapon Registration.

Magics And Abillities: Choose a Magic from Magic list or create own in Magic Registration
Same goes for abilities.

Hometown: The Town you were born in. Ex. Eden, Nautilus, Bodhum, Palumpolum.

Backround: Write backround about your character, Where's your character from? What's the characters experience in life?

Peronality: How's your character as person? Cocky and Competetive or Emotional?

Rp CV: If you're applying a Rank over F. write a RP CV about your experience with RP. I can't just really apply a beginner in RP With S-Rank if you know. .
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Character Registration Template
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