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 Lightning Farron

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Lightning Farron

Lightning Farron

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Lightning Farron

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Desired Rank: A-rank

Weapon Specilazation: Swords and Guns

Desired Weapon: Gladius

Magics: Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Sparkstrike, Cure, Cura, Panacea, Stona, Silence, Summon Odin, Steel Bladed Edge.

Abilities: Attack, Blitz, Ruin, Ruinaga, Libra, Launch, Smite.

Hometown: Bodhum

Backround: Lighting is a young cold-hearted former member of Guardian Crops. She lives in the sea city of Bodhum with her sister Serah. One day her sister came home terrified. She was claming she was a L'cie. But even when Lightning saw her brand she just thought it was some trick, Because she also found out that Snow was going to marry Serah which ticked Lightning off. She was very cruel and didn't believe Serah at all. Serah ran of crying but Snow didn't leave her side. Now Lightning kind of hates Snow knowing that he was going to marry Serah. Then Serah got swallowed by the Pulse Fal'cie and now Lightning is traveling the world to find her. She even left the Guardian Corps to continue her search.

Personality: Lightning is a cold-hearted bitch who would do anything to complete a mission. But somewhere deep down she really has a heart.
She is very protective to her sister and don't let anyone or anything hurt her. If someone is slowing her down in a mission she isn't afraid to leave that person behind. Actually she hasn't got any real life besides her job at Guardian Corps.

RP CV: Nuff said.
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Lightning Farron
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